An illustrative image from the Mumford project


Creating a visual identity for a family-run grain farm in South Australia's Yorke Peninsula.

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    RK & SA Mumford

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    Graphic Design and Branding

Located in the southern Yorke Peninsula of South Australia, RK & SA Mumford operate farmland that produces a variety of grain commodities. The business required a visual identity to express the brand to potential customers and solidify their position in the market.

I produced a wordmark and combination mark for Mumford to apply across livery, stationery, and their farming products. The combination mark was designed to break in half and flex across variable applications.

An envelope, letter, notebook, pencil, and eraser
A mockup of Mumford stationery. Note the variable applications of the Mumford combination mark; breaking the top and bottom half across its applied context.
A truck with the Mumford branding applied
A mockup of Mumford livery. Note the farming motif applied at a larger scale than the top 'chevron' half.