The power of not now

The now is where it’s at.

Our problems don’t live here—only genuine action and reaction to the present situation. We create and adapt based on what’s currently in front of us and what we’re experiencing. Nothing else.

I’m thinking about what I drew as a kid verse what I drew in high school art class. The former was pure experimentation and creativity based on the present. The latter was contrived; an excruciating attempt at fulfilling an ever-expanding self-image and constantly deferred resolution. I don’t think I’m alone in falling out of presence and into chasing future greatness. The pull is strong.

Leaving presence behind ironically closes that future greatness off from our realm of possibilities. In other words: we’re too busy preparing for this idealised future that we never make it.

That idealised future is a mirage. The closest thing to it is amorphic but attainable; it can be reached when you stop trying to shape it. When you surrender your identification with it, move back into the now, and build from there.

That’s what I’m working on, anyway.