Sounds like a broken record

Ephemerabot has been tweeting the same few bits of ephemera every day for the last week. Apologies to my three followers. One of which is myself.

This is a note-to-self for similar situations in the future: Heroku apps must be stateless. Any changes made to files on Heroku will be lost the next time your dyno starts. Heroku’s file system is, uh, ephemeral.

I’ve come up with a simple solution: adding a simple tweeted value to each record. tweeted is a checkbox, so takes just true or false. On the Airtable side, new records have their tweeted value set to false. These new records are picked up on Ephemerabot’s side with a simple if statement inside a forEach:

if (!record.fields.tweeted) {
  // Go forth and tweet

Airtable’s API has a handy .update() method for writing data. That means I can just loop through the above records and mark them as tweeted:

// Those records have been tweeted
// Mark them as tweeted on Airtable => {
  i.fields.tweeted = true;

That applies a true value to each record’s tweeted field. The Airtable interface updates almost instantly.

Cleaner and simpler than what I was doing before: reading from and writing to a JSON file on the file system.