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Work history

Most recently I was a Staff Designer at Kickstarter, where I led the design for its iOS and Android applications. I also led design for Kickstarter’s environmental work, including the Environmental Resources Center, and help design the project creation experience.

At ustwo, I helped create and foster projects with the likes of Facebook, Nike, Google, GE, AT&T, and the Office of the Mayor of New York City. The digital platform we began for the Office of the Mayor of New York City went on to receive an Adobe Government Creativity Award in 2018.

At Facebook I helped the Design Tools team bring Origami to life; contributing software design and creating the internal and external learning experience (tutorial videos, examples, and their interconnections) that live on today. I also worked on the Interfaces team at Facebook, where I created the company’s first Origami component library and helped envision Facebook product UI changes.


The climate crisis in unequivocally the most pressing issue of our time. After several years attempting to incorporate sustainability into my design practice, I've decided to work on it full-time. Please if you think we could collaborate on climate mobilisation or other sustainability work.



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This site

...is handmade. I use Jekyll and GitHub Pages to build and host it, and document everything about how I've done so on its GitHub repository.